Thursday, January 28, 2010

datasource-proxy framework

I'm writing a framework that helps monitoring and debugging query execution from app.

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- log all database queries with parameter values
- log each query's elapsed time
- log statistics of all database call and total query elapsed time
- provide callback to database call
- provide statistics object

Database Call Log:
Time:10, Num:1, Query:{[insert into emp ( id, name )values (?, ?);][1, foo]}
Time:1, Num:1, Query:{[select as id0_0_, as name0_0_, this_.value as value0_0_ from emp this_ where ( and][1,bar]}

Statistics Log:
DataSource:MyDatasourceA ElapsedTime:13 Call:7 Query:7 (Select:3 Insert:2 Update:1 Delete:0 Other:1)
DataSource:MyDatasourceB ElapsedTime:1 Call:1 Query:1 (Select:1 Insert:0 Update:0 Delete:0 Other:0)

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