Monday, September 3, 2007

Hibernate: Annotation many-to-many (join table)

Bidirectonal many-to-many (join table) association

Hibernate Doc (Chap 8.5.3)

person(many) <-> address(many)

::DB Schema::
personaddress(personId, addressId)

::Java Operation::


@Table(name = "PERSON")
public class Person {

  @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.AUTO)
  @Column(name = "personId")
  private int id;

  // mapping owner
  @JoinTable(name = "PersonAddress",
    joinColumns = {
      @JoinColumn(name="personId", unique = true)           
    inverseJoinColumns = {
  private Set<Address> addresses;

@Table(name = "ADDRESS")
public class Address {

  @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.AUTO)
  @Column(name = "addressId")
  private int id;

  @ManyToMany(mappedBy="addresses")  // map info is in person class
  private Set<Person> people;

::Generated SQL::
- person.getAddresses();
select addresses0_.personId as personId1_, addresses0_.addressId as addressId1_, address1_.addressId as addressId3_0_ from PersonAddress addresses0_ left outer join ADDRESS address1_ on addresses0_.addressId=address1_.addressId where addresses0_.personId=?

- address.getPeople();
select people0_.addressId as addressId1_, people0_.personId as personId1_, person1_.personId as personId2_0_ from PersonAddress people0_ left outer join PERSON person1_ on people0_.personId=person1_.personId where people0_.addressId=?

[Association Mapping List]


James Adams said...

Thanks for making this available, it's quite helpful!

Guilherme said...
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Guilherme said...

Thank you very much, but my personaddress table is not being filled in the database. (The others are).

Do you have any idea what might be wrong?