Friday, March 9, 2007

New DI Container from Google

Google released their new Dependency Injection container.
- Google Guice

I found it from Joe Walker's Blog and Bob Lee's blog!!

Nice to have java5 annotation for DI info!!
At my first glimpse, I feel google's developers like to write everything in source code as you see GWT write codes in Java, instead of writing configuration files.

Personally, I agree with their approach.
I haven't had experience that a change only requires modifying configuration files and deploy it without compilation.

My current app uses Spring and configuration files are getting big. Unfortunately I can't say it is clean.(well, there are many ways to deal with it. for example changing loader to read files with our own convention rules)
So, I may feel it's rather convenient writing certain kind of information in source code because we can take advantage of our intelligent IDE.

In Japan, there is yet another famous DI container called Seasar. This is also towarding to less configuration files choosing "Convention Over Configuration" rule.

It's fun to have new DI technologies!!

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