Monday, February 5, 2007

Hello World!!

Well, here is my first step for my blog.
Who am I?
I'm a software developer who loves to create application very nice and clean.
What makes application nice and clean? My opinion is make its architecture simple and standard.
I have experienced many applications that some guys created with wrong use of technologies.
Accessing database very aggressively in taglib, putting many objects into HttpSession, giviing HttpRequest object to DAO layers, creating own wicked web action handling framework using opensource web frameworks, and unfortunately more and more...
Well, I'm not always correct but at least let's create maintainable and understandable application, and let's make other developers happy to develop it!!
For this blog, I don't know what kind of topic I'll post yet, but I'm hoping I can share my knowledge to other developers.
Lastly, English is my second language. So, bear with me when my writing sounds awkward!!
Thank you for reading!!


jpongin said...
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jpongin said...

Dude. Great blog. Let's keep in touch. Very nice work on the hibernate mapping examples.

-James yes, the James who works with you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the concise mapping examples. Helped a lot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the usage of inverse in Hibernate. Its so simple and wonderful. Keep up the good work.

Prem Vinodh